Krause Bricks uses rich Australian clay from the Victorian goldfields and beyond to create a bespoke artisan range of brick products, unmatched for depth of colour and textural variety.

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The Krause Bricks range consists of wire-cut and pressed bricks, blocks and pavers in colours ranging from vivid reds and blues through to warm, earthy colours.

All Krause Bricks products are manufactured using traditional methods such as down-draught batch kilns which produce colour variations between the bricks within a batch - no two bricks will be the same. 

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We manufacture custom products in a range of colours, sizes, shapes and textures.

Some of our most popular varieties are featured below:

ShAPES & Sizes

Emperor bricks

A Krause Bricks specialty, the Emperor brick recalls the elongated lines of celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright. With dimensions of 380 x 110 x 45 mm, these unique bricks epitomise and accentuate the beauty of architectural design. 

Standard 76mm bricks

50mm bricks

Paving Tiles

Paving Tile projects:

Kooyong Townhouses

Bentwood Cafe


Grampian Blues

Old Melbourne Town

Old Melbourne Town brick projects:

Collingwood Warehouse Conversion

Red Blue

Red Blue brick projects:

Bentwood Cafe

Stawell Steps

Caulfield Home

Mood board:



Autumn brick projects:

Hawthorn East Home

Mood board:


Mid-Blend brick projects:

Courtyard House

Ivanhoe home

Mood board:

Smoke Grey

Smoke Grey brick projects:

Malvern home

Mood board:


Clinker Bricks

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Clinkers are bricks that have been partially-vitrified to produce the textural variance of a shiny, dark-colored coating. Clinker bricks are produced when wet clay bricks are exposed to excessive heat during the firing process.

Tumbled Bricks

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Tumbled Bricks display a rounded edge aesthetic, created by tumbling the bricks after firing to give the appearance of age.