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Melbourne, Victoria

Project Details:

Bricks: Grampian Blue bricks by Krause Bricks

Architect: Harmer Architecture

Photography: Trevor Mein

Text from Harmer Architecture:

The new recently completed infill house in Tait St. North Fitzroy is located in the rear garden of a warehouse fronting Scotchmer St. The design is an exploration of the courtyard house type, two storey form emerging from a perimeter of lower brick walls, which define the site boundaries. This house was designed for a couple whose children have left home and the new building neatly fits into the backyard of the much larger warehouse that they used to live in as a family.

webres m3092_6562884_©Trevor Mein.jpg
Across the 12.5-metre-wide frontage, the infill house presents a stocky sequence of shapes and varietal materials; from a roller door that leads to a courtyard, a vertical-timber screen “that shades the living room and doubles as a front fence”, two tones of terracotta roof tiles, and bricks called Grampian Blues that are hand-made in western Victoria.
— Jenny Brown – Domain.com.au

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