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Project Details:

Bricks: Autumn Emperor bricks by Krause Bricks

Supplier: Robertson’s Building Products

Architect: Sepehr Toghyani, Zeno Entity Architects

Builder: Tomasz Szmyd

Photography: Peter Bennetts

Inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, architect Sepehr Toghyani and owner/builder Tomasz Szmyd set out to create a dramatic impact with a dominant brick façade for their two new dwellings sitting snugly side by side in Hawthorn East.

But what Sepehr masterfully created was something significantly more exciting: a Neo-Deco style – the perfect balance of classic architecture with modern influence. While Krause’s Emperor bricks in Autumn tones delivered the classical art deco look, the brick’s long and narrow geometry helped to achieve a more modern, contemporary style.

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“The brick façade we have created stands proud and elegant, without being overly offensive,“ says Sepehr. But it’s not only the brick itself, but also the way it was laid and the design pattern used that made the difference to this project. Sepehr continues, “There is a juxtaposition in the design and detail of the house – by recessing one row of bricks and creating a pattern adds a vertical element, which breaks down the large surface area of the façade. The recesses in the surface and the geometry of the bricks can be used to create intricate patterns.”

The Krause bricks were the perfect solution for what we wanted to achieve. I like everything about them, the shape – the long, slim profile – and the colour beautifully complemented the other materials we used. But also the way we laid them, with the stitching next to the pier, and the curves at the front. They’re very elegant, and add an element of surprise to the design.
— Tomasz Szmyd, Owner & Builder
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