Project Details:

Bricks: Krause Rustic Red Brick Tiles


Fender Katsalidis (Masterplan Design, Martha Cove Development)

Bayley Ward Architects (Design Development, The Moorings)

Build: Figurehead Construction

Developer: Balmain Asset Management

Krause Bricks supplied by: Robertson’s Building Products

Photography: Emma Cross

Text from Robertson’s Building Products:

The Moorings is a modern interpretation of the Mornington Peninsula. Embodying waterfront living at its best, these new apartments front directly onto Marina Martha Cove, and include spectacular views of Anchorage Park at the rear.

Designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects (FKA), the stunning development was built with Rustic Red Brick Tiles by Krause Bricks


The choice of brick tile all came down to aesthetics, to reflect FKA’s design intent to create a building that looked as though it had been there for some time. Bayley Ward selected a Rustic brick tile blend from Robertson’s Building Products: “We love the variation across the tile, it’s not uniform at all. The Rustic Red gives the variation and the Apricot tones add a beautiful highlight,” Ron remarks.