Melbourne, Victoria

Project Details:

Bricks: Custom Emperor Bricks by Krause Bricks

Design: Adam Kane Architects

Build: Hardwick Build Co.

Bricklaying: Newmac Bricklaying

Photography: Tom Blachford

The front facade of our Bayside House demonstrates just some of the beauty and creativity that can be achieved with brickwork. The concept of the angled forms was enhanced by the bricks’ characteristics and construction methods, such as mitring around the facade’s ‘kink’; laying the bricks vertically (and on an angle); and even laying the bricks upside-down on the soffit of the entry way!
— Adam Kane Architects
As a new build within an existing bayside Melbourne neighborhood, contextual sensitivities needed to be addressed, hence the decision to use a materiality that is referenced in its adjacencies. On approach from the street, the façade is comprised of a solid brick configuration, punctuated by glazing, where the method of hit-and-miss tonal bricks conceal the glazed front entry door. There is a sense of protection through the solid and compacted composition, which then tapers as the home opens itself up to the north-facing living and communal spaces to the rear.
— Bronwyn Marshall, The Local Project

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